Chair2Chair_by_frederickayers is a place where we begin your hair journey.

The chair is the catalyst and the point of connection where we start to co-create with each other.  This experience is unlike any other experience. We are here to guide you and your hair into greatness. Our focus is you and your experience.

Frederick is the creative director of your hair experience.

We are not just offering haircuts and color services. We are considering the entire being and supporting you with all the necessary tools to connect and radiate from inside out.

 I have watched and participated in this beautiful dance that occurs in my life on a daily basis.

In 30 years of my career in hair, I have learned that when I give space and allowance to my instrument, I become part of the orchestra of life.  I then allow my gifts to transcend beyond hair and the chair.

What you can expect from your experience:

  • A safe space and place where we can connect and co-create with each other.
  • The space will allow the two creators (you and I) to consult, communicate, and bring clarity to the vision.
  • The space will bring results in a more planned, predictable, and promising experience.

Come co-create with me. Let me guide you into expansion and growth. It’s just you and me working in a safe and creative environment. Let’s tap into your greater self, starting with a promise of great hair and an even greater experience.  


Looking forward to co-creating with you.