Retouching Katie’s Blonde After six months


I had a great time refreshing and updating Katie’s color after six months.
Being Blonde is great, Just remember hair tends to grow a 1/2 inch and month. In this day and time we can be any color on the spectrum, but I focus on what suits my clients are their needs. SO how do I decide?
Great question, There are 3 key elements that I focus on and I call this the triple C’s.

1. Consultation-It is very important to hear what my clients are saying. Me listening will either make our break the entire color service. Depending on region and experience with color and previous stylist. Helps shape the clients terminology. I’m listening and decoding at the same time. So having ample time to chat and dialogue about my client’s desire, lifestyle and expectations are vital in this process.
I believe you can never have to much information, the more the better, this includes good and bad hair experiences. I love pictures that can help really define a clear line of the difference of a cool blonde or a warm blonde. Pictures from social media is great for a guide but I definitely love to see pics of my clients hair in varying stages and activities of their life.

2. Color-Whether Blonde or Brunette, it’s vital that me and my clients are on the same page at this point. Color is such a huge spectrum. From level 1-10, warm-cool-ash, baby lights-bayage’, full highlight-partial, painting vs freehand, to rooty, dramatic or subtle.
I tell my clients lets not focus on name calling or the process. Lets focus on the look that you desire and I as your stylist will decide how I will execute. I am the Colorist and your are the Client.

3. Commitment-The last step before we can begin. Like with any relationship there has to be a commitment, whether great or small. Color can be a commitment but it doesn’t have to be cumbersome. That’s why the consultation and I am here. There are so many options for color. I just have to find the best option that suits your lifestyle. Time and budget are the two key things that will determine how will will proceed.

The worst thing is leaving the salon and you color and haircut doesn’t look good except for the day you leave the salon. Its my goal that my clients love their hair on a daily basis. So opposed a overhaul every six months. We find a schedule and system that focuses on maintenance.

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