Photography courtesy of:
Lynn Brubaker: Melissa Bride
Meredith Coe: Audrey DeWaele
Jen Fariello: Leah and Angela Brides
Peggy Harrison: Rachel
Yolonda Coles Jones: Amy, Priya, Sharon, Sherry, Stephanie, the artistic images as well as those of Frederick and the group shots
Bruce Nelson: Julie
Joshua Wheela: Kendra, Tammi, Jeff
Dominisha Johnson: Frances, Tammi, Shannon, Eileen and the Frederick artistic images

And credit is due to all my models who helped make the images possible:
Sherry Ayers
Priya Curtis
Audrey DeWaele
Amy Gawthry
Sharon Shapiro
Stephanie White

And, of course, the brides:
Angela MacPhail
Melissa Parrish
Julie Stinson
Leah Trager

Credit also goes to:
Chuck Moran, Bald Guy Studio (website design)
Leah Stoddard (marketing consultant, information architect)

frederick ayers